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A divorce, referred to legally as dissolution of marriage, is the complete separation and division of a marriage.  The process requires the authorization of a judge.
Do it yourself divorce arrangements are not advised. Here are some negotiating tips for your divorce.

Florida adopted the “no-fault” policy in 1975; this is where a couple can get dissolution of marriage simply based on the fact that they do not want to be married to each other anymore.  The commonly used reason in these cases is incompatibility and irreconcilable differences. More amicable dissolutions can be done by
collaborative divorce.

Divorces are as different as marriages.  There is usually no “one size fits all.”  However, there are certain issues common to many divorcing couples, such as the following:

Divorce may be a life-changing event but it doesn’t have to be a life-ruining event.
You need an attorney who listens and cares.